Setting up for Success: 8 Common Mistakes While Setting up Point of Sale Machines

Young woman buying a golden necklace with blue gemstones and paying with a credit card

Things such as point of sale machines (POS machines) are critical to providing a purchasing process that’s efficient and fast. Running a business that sells products or services requires several moving pieces.  Needless to say, you’ll want to make sure the POS machines you’re using are equal to the task of your daily business. However, […]

The Bottom Line: How a POS Register System Can Improve Your Profits

While workplace crime costs large businesses billions each year, even small mistakes can lead to huge losses for smaller businesses. Mistakes, errors, and mismanagement of inventory can hurt a new company. With a POS register system, profits can be tracked as they’re spent and accrued, whether you’re talking about payroll, inventory, or sales. Here’s how […]