3 Critical Tips Multi-Site Quick Service Restaurant Owners Need To Know

Are you a quick service restaurant owner preparing to take the leap into a modern multi-site point of Sale system? If so, you will want to read this before you make any long-term commitments.

We will take a look at 3 overlooked and underutilised ways that the right multi-site POS system and the right know-how can boost your profits significantly across all your locations.

If you’re a Quick Service Restaurant Owner who wants to learn how to increase profits across all sites by using the right Point of Sale system, you need to read this immediately.

Multi-Site Quick Service Restaurant – Point Of Sale System Tip #1:

Choose A POS Supplier Who Has A Strong Support Ethics And Industry Experience.

People paying in multi-site quick service restaurantThe support team behind your POS system can make or break your business. A multi-site point of sale system is a complex interconnected array of hardware and software connected by cables in some areas and communicating over a wireless network in others. When any part of your network is not performing up to par, the consequences will be felt throughout.

A supplier who specialises in multi-site point of sale systems has the experience and expertise to recognise anomalies in the data and pinpoint potential problem areas before they have a chance to ripple outward and cause more significant issues. This expertise can also be used to identify missed opportunities and pinpoint areas where small changes can be made that will increase sales and ultimately profits.

Restaurants have unique needs and challenges that differ from retail establishments in terms of complexity and urgency. Essentially, restaurants, whether formal or quick-service, have a lot more moving parts in play at any given moment than typical retail establishments, and timing is of the utmost importance. The windows of opportunity for each customer purchase are quite narrow and fluid. A profit opportunity can be open and close in a matter of seconds.

Modern multi-site point of sale systems have the capability to perform all manner of advanced restaurant management tasks, including processing online orders, tracking detailed sales data, monitoring inventory stored in multiple locations, and preparing quarterly reports for accounting and tax calculation purposes.

These are the most well-known and commonly used features of a multi-site point of sale system. These core functions are just a fraction of the potential contained in these powerful systems. The key to unlocking the system’s potential and harnessing it to maximise profits is having the knowledge to spot the missed opportunities in the first place.

While any layman can recognise when a system is broken, it takes an expert to recognise when a healthy system could be improved. Having someone who can spot these missed opportunities and show you how to take advantage of them can pay off handsomely.

The best way to make sure that you are getting a multi-site point of sale system that performs the tasks that let your business thrive and grow is to choose your point of sale system supplier that can look at your quick service restaurant needs and guide you to the system that best meets those needs. It cannot be overstated; a multi-site point of sale system is the central hub controlling all of your business locations. You need to know that the people behind the equipment have the knowledge to make sure you are getting the results you paid for.

Remember to ask about the vendor’s technical support package as well. You may be able to include a guaranteed repair or replace clause into the purchase contract that promises that a technician will show up at your location within a specified timeframe and either repair your existing equipment or provide a temporary replacement while yours is being serviced. Computer systems malfunction, and equipment breaks down all the time. It is essential to make sure that your quick-service restaurant business will continue servicing customers when that happens.

Multi-Site Quick Service Restaurant – Point Of Sale System Tip #2:

Understand What Technology Interfaces Your Consumers Are Expecting To Use.

Consumers today interact with sellers in a multitude of unique ways. Restaurants are no exception. As consumers become more and more accustomed to using their smartphones and tablets for shopping and paying bills, it is only natural that they would begin to seek ways to use their devices to order lunch or dinner.

Multi-site point of sale systems must accommodate as many different ordering and payment methods as possible to remain competitive in today’s market. Many multi-site point of sale systems can communicate with hand-held or kiosk-style ordering and payment components that allow customers to place their lunch order from an interactive menu using the touch screen on their smartphone or tablet. The customer can then opt to pay for their order using any of a variety of payment options on their own device or pay in person at the restaurant instead.

The more ordering and payment options that you can provide, the fewer profitable sales you will lose because you were unable to process the customer’s payment method.

Multi-Site Quick Service Restaurant – Point Of Sale System Tip #3:

Talk To Staff About What They Would Like To See Change

Order ready board in multi-site quick service restaurantNo one is better equipped to identify the pain points and inefficiencies in your quick service restaurant’s day to day operations than the staff. The people who are on the front lines interacting with the customers, working with the equipment, completing the orders, and collecting the payments can tell you exactly where the problems are.

It is absolutely vital to maintain an open dialogue with all of your staff members. Employees should feel comfortable talking to you or your management team about any policies or practices that they believe may be having an adverse effect on the customer experience. Nobody likes to hear complaints, but it is essential to remember that you can’t correct an issue if you don’t know that an issue exists.

Employee input is even more critical when your restaurant does business from several different locations linked together through a multi-site point of sale system. If your quick service restaurant already has a system in place, it is vital to get input from employees at all of your locations to gain a complete understanding of where your system is working and where there is improvement needed. Understanding how your multi-site point of sale functions at every stage of the process across all your locations will allow you to customise a new system purchase to correct any current issues. Open communication will also help employees better understand how the system functions and why some requested changes can’t be accommodated.

Multi-Site Point of Sale Final Thoughts

If you are the owner or manager of a quick service restaurant chain and you would like to increase the profit realised from each and every sale, exceed your customer expectations, and stop worrying about equipment reliability issues costing you sales, stop worrying and contact Winpos today.

A Winpos Point of Sale system will help you to achieve the maximised profits, loyal customers, and carefree operations that you need to take your quick service restaurant to the next level and beyond.

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