Hospitality is the foundation of the hotel business. Your mission is to make guests feel comfortable, welcome, and at ease.

Hotel technology is improving the customer experience. More satisfied guests mean higher profits for you. From automated check-in to artificial intelligence, new technologies in hotels are transforming the face of the hospitality industry.

Keep reading to learn seven up-and-coming hotel technology trends you should incorporate into your daily operations.

Be our guest, and let’s get started!

1. Automated Check-In and Check-Out

Automated check-in and check-out services help save time and improve the customer’s experience from the moment they arrive — or before.

Guests can check-in prior to arriving at the hotel and without waiting in long lines at the front desk. This cuts down on wait times and creates a relaxing, pleasant experience from start to finish.

Many services offer an app where guests can check-in remotely using their smartphones. This frees up the front desk staff to assist other guests, answer phone calls, and book new reservations.

Automated check-in also alerts the hotel staff that guests are about to arrive. They can then offer a more personalized experience and alert them to available specials or upgrades.

When their stay is over, guests can conveniently check-out using the same app. This means less rushing around and more time spent packing or enjoying breakfast in bed!

2. Chatbots

One of the newest technology trends, chatbots have been popping up all over the retail and customer service industry. Whether guests want more information about a specific room, dates, or rate, they can interact with an artificial intelligence chatbot.

This is convenient for both guests and hotel staff. One team member can chat with multiple guests at once, saving time and increasing the speed of each interaction.

What makes chatbots so popular is that their features are similar to other messaging apps. People are familiar with communicating using these means, making it an attractive and user-friendly addition to any hotel website.

Current guests can also utilize the chatbot service to order room service, make special arrangements prior to arrival, or manage an existing reservation.

Taking things from the computer to reality, some hotels even use robot butlers!

3. Smart Concierge Services

Hotel concierge services are some of the most popular and sought-after by guests. The concierge is responsible for helping guests with everything from booking spa and restaurant reservations to organizing travel arrangements and activities.

Smart concierge services help streamline this process by making quick work of booking activities. This allows guests to spend less time making arrangements and more time enjoying their experiences.

Self-service concierge kiosks are a popular hotel technology trend. Guests can book and manage current and future reservations from transportation services to shows and dinner reservations.

Many hotel websites or apps also allow guests to book these services before arrival. They can then see the concierge in person to manage their bookings.

4. Keyless Entry

If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your hotel room key, you’ll love this hotel technology trend. Keyless entry allows guests to gain entry to their rooms without scanning or inserting a card.

Instead, guests can gain access using an app on their smartphones. A specific hotel room is linked to a key on the smartphone using Bluetooth technology. This means no more lost, damaged, or deactivated keys.

It’s also one less thing for guests to carry since most people have their smartphones in their hands (or close by) at all times. If the app or Bluetooth isn’t working, guests can obtain a traditional plastic key.

One more perk is that guests can forego checking in at the front desk by checking in online, pairing their phones, and going directly to their room.

5. Advanced Security

Hotel security is nothing to take lightly. Hotels are responsible for not only the comfort of guests but their health and safety. In recent years, smart technology has made its way into the hospitality industry.

Smart technology is making it easier for hotel staff to monitor everyone who is entering and exiting the premises. Infrared cameras, video surveillance, and touch screen monitors put control in the hands of the hotel staff.

Most systems have cameras and surveillance that monitor the entire facility and premises, except for the rooms themselves. This means guests can rest easy knowing that they’re safe and secure, 24/7.

6. Smart Hotels

In addition to security systems, hotels are integrating a wide range of smart technology features. Generally, hotel guests can’t control much when it comes to their hotel room.

Thermostats are in lockboxes and lamps are either on or off. Now, smart features allow guests to control things like the room’s temperature, window shades and lighting all by the touch of a button.

Some hotels provide tablets for controlling the room’s comfort levels, while others require guests to download an app. Gone are the days of hanging a “Do not disturb” sign on the door handle. Instead, use the app to alert staff that your room doesn’t need cleaning.

All of these hotel technology features create a more personalized and convenient customer experience. Automated lighting, specialized water treatment systems, and even lineless buffets tables cut down on food waste and create a more eco-friendly atmosphere.

7. Mobile Apps

The introduction of mobile apps in the hotel industry goes far beyond check-in, check-out, and keyless entry. Mobile apps can now provide guests with maps and information about surrounding areas, attractions, and services.

GPS tours offer more information about local transportation, landmarks, and things to do. Apps also allow guests to book dinner reservations, hold their place in line at amusements parks and shows, and order food in advance.

Hotel Technology is Giving Hospitality a New Name

Smart technology was created to make people’s lives easier while saving time, resources, and money for businesses.

It was only a matter of time before hotel technology made its debut. Automated check-in, self-service kiosks, and mobile apps are just a few ways that tech is transforming the way hotels do business.

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