Reduce Queue Times With Winpos

6 steps to reduce queue times

Every part of our life entails queue times, and to some extent, queues are inevitable, reminding us that we exist in a world where our needs can’t always be met instantly. But while queues may be unavoidable, there are ways to make them shorter. This blog post will explore why queues form and how to […]

Hospitality Staffing Crisis Explained

Staffing Shortages In Hospitality

In the post-pandemic world, food venues and other parts of the hospitality industry are failing to keep up with the demand for workers. According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 164,000 hospitality vacancies between January and March 2022. BigHospitality states that “some 30% of hospitality businesses had reported that job vacancies were harder […]

How We Help Different Hospitality Sectors

How We Help Different Hospitality Sectors

The hospitality industry has many dividing sectors, all requiring different solutions. It’s composed of varying sectors that feed, house, entertain, and transport guests. Each sector covers various fields that provide different goods and services. Although separate, these hospitality industry sectors overlap and work collaboratively to create a complete hospitality experience. This post will take you […]

Boost Customer Retention With Personalisation

Boost Customer Retention With Personalisation

For restaurants and hotels, winning the minds and hearts of potential customers is increasingly about getting inside their minds and hearts. And this is where personalisation – the ability to use what you know about a customer to provide a tailored experience – comes in! Personalisation within the hospitality industry is ever-growing. Today, customers expect […]

Boost Customer Experience With Consumer Apps

Boost Customer Experience With Consumer Apps

A restaurant needs three main things to thrive. It has to have exceptional meals, it must be located in a prime location, and have faster and more efficient service. Yes, customers now more than ever are looking for easier experiences when interacting with their favourite restaurants. Assuming you’ve nailed the first two, the third requirement […]

How The New Calorie Labelling Affects Your Business

Calorie Changes For The Hospitality Industry

Recent efforts to address the growing obesity crisis in the UK have led to government-mandated calorie labelling for menus and food labels in large businesses. This change is an important step in the effort to slow the obesity epidemic but brings with it important adjustments for businesses and patrons alike. While this approval was approved […]

Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Summer

Getting Your Restaurant Ready For Summer

The days are becoming warmer day by day, meaning summer is just around the corner. And for restaurant owners, this is the high time to prepare for this busy season. Warmer days bring tons of crowds to the streets looking to enjoy meals and drinks leisurely. This presents your restaurant with the opportunity to attract […]

The Importance of Cloud Services In The Hospitality Industry

The Importance Of Cloud Services In The Hospitality Industry

For several establishments, staying current with the latest technological innovations is challenging. Many focus on serving their guests by improving one-on-one care, which is certainly important. Still, this can be improved so much by embracing an upgrade to the cloud. By using this technology, you can improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue. Cloud computing is […]

Freshen Up Your Restaurant This Year

New Year, Fresh Start

Kick-off 2022 with a new POS system for your restaurant, and you’ll be upgrading to a much-needed asset, which will not only make work more efficient than ever before but will also make your customers’ experience better. Doing this now will allow you to utilise the system for the rest of 2022. Your Point of […]

7 Hospitality Trends In 2022

Hospitality trends in 2022

The last two years have been a nightmare for the hospitality industry. Lockdowns and restrictions made it hard for most restaurants to prosper. But with 2022 here with us, there is hope that the industry will recover and bounce back. But with customers’ demands and hospitality trends changing, your business needs to stay up to […]