The Importance of Cloud Services In The Hospitality Industry

The Importance Of Cloud Services In The Hospitality Industry

For several establishments, staying current with the latest technological innovations is challenging. Many focus on serving their guests by improving one-on-one care, which is certainly important. Still, this can be improved so much by embracing an upgrade to the cloud. By using this technology, you can improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue. Cloud computing is […]

How Your Restaurant Can Win Over The Festive Season

Winning Over The Festive Season

The festive season is fast approaching! And there is no denying that Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for restaurant owners. This year, people are more ready than ever to get socially festive, with COVID-19 restrictions eased. We expect restaurants to receive bookings in full and anticipate customers to be […]

5 Top Tips To Boost Restaurant Sales

Busy Restaurant

There are many ways you can boost restaurant sales by thinking outside the box. With the rise of food delivery services, getting customers through your door can be hard. However, it’s not impossible and implementing these 5 top tips will help. 1. Increase Your Table Turnover Rate While Minimising Costs One way to boost restaurant […]

Restaurant Convenience For Customers

Restaurant Convenience For Customers

We can all agree that 2020 was a chaotic year. It showed who we are, what we want, and the things we really care about. Consumers suddenly found themselves stuck at home, aching for a taste of the outside world. Many took up hobbies, including cooking. And a considerable majority ended up relying on take-out […]

Setting Up An Outdoor Dining Area That Attracts Customers

As society starts to recover and rebuild from the past year, it’s time to welcome customers back to your restaurant. We’ve all struggled to keep moving through fear, hardship, societal changes, and the threat of illness. Many people who spent the past year at home have been looking forward to returning to normal life. Learn […]

3 Critical Tips Multi-Site Quick Service Restaurant Owners Need To Know

3 Critical Tips Multi-Site Quick Service Restaurant Owners Need To Know Are you a quick service restaurant owner preparing to take the leap into a modern multi-site point of Sale system? If so, you will want to read this before you make any long-term commitments. We will take a look at 3 overlooked and underutilised […]

How To Reopen Your Pub To Huge Success

man with pub open sign

Britain’s response to COVID-19 has had impacts throughout society, but there is no doubt that our pubs have shouldered more than their part of the burden. Repeated lockdowns, public health scares, and a general sense of uncertainty have put our public houses at risk. Communities have been without a steady gathering place for almost a […]