New Winpos Group POS Division CEO Announcement

Winpos Group has appointed Tim Watson as the new CEO of the Winpos Group POS Division. Oscar Stenberg (Group Chairman) awarded Tim the role based on his forward-thinking innovating outlook, and passion for the Winpos brand. After seeing how Tim has helped to develop our UK operations, we are very excited to welcome Tim into […]

Cost Of Living Impacts On Consumer Habits

Cost Of Living Impacts On Consumer Habits

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: the cost of living is a crisis, and it is rising, negatively impacting businesses. As a business owner or director, we know you’re working hard daily to keep your doors open and your staff employed. We also know that you want to offer your customers the best possible experience […]

How The Energy Crisis Is Effecting The Hospitality Industry

How The Energy Crisis Is Effecting The Hospitality Industry

The recent energy crisis has impacted nearly every facet of the economy and industry worldwide. Costs have risen on everything from food to electronics to gas, and the hospitality industry, in particular, has borne the brunt of the impact. The hospitality industry was already suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down many establishments. And […]

Hospitality Staffing Crisis Explained

Staffing Shortages In Hospitality

In the post-pandemic world, food venues and other parts of the hospitality industry are failing to keep up with the demand for workers. According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 164,000 hospitality vacancies between January and March 2022. BigHospitality states that “some 30% of hospitality businesses had reported that job vacancies were harder […]

How The New Calorie Labelling Affects Your Business

Calorie Changes For The Hospitality Industry

Recent efforts to address the growing obesity crisis in the UK have led to government-mandated calorie labelling for menus and food labels in large businesses. This change is an important step in the effort to slow the obesity epidemic but brings with it important adjustments for businesses and patrons alike. While this approval was approved […]

Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Summer

Getting Your Restaurant Ready For Summer

The days are becoming warmer day by day, meaning summer is just around the corner. And for restaurant owners, this is the high time to prepare for this busy season. Warmer days bring tons of crowds to the streets looking to enjoy meals and drinks leisurely. This presents your restaurant with the opportunity to attract […]

7 Hospitality Trends In 2022

Hospitality trends in 2022

The last two years have been a nightmare for the hospitality industry. Lockdowns and restrictions made it hard for most restaurants to prosper. But with 2022 here with us, there is hope that the industry will recover and bounce back. But with customers’ demands and hospitality trends changing, your business needs to stay up to […]

Welcoming Customers Back After Freedom Day

Since the country went into lockdown in early 2020, one of the most negatively impacted industries has been the hospitality industry, with tens of thousands of hotels, pubs, and cafes closed. However, with the discovery of vaccines early this year, most COVID-19-related restrictions have been eased. Consequently, the food and beverage industry is undergoing a […]

Hot Management Tips: How a POS System Can Boost Employee Efficiency

  Did you know that a good POS system can boost your employees’ efficiency? Point Of Sale (POS) is the central hub of any retail business. It merges sales, stock, and customer management. It’s the last thing a customer sees when they pay and plays a role in if they’ll return. Although Point Of Sale can […]

Book a virtual coffee and WIN £250 Facebook Advertising

We want to meet and get to know you. Can you remember a time when businesses were built on relationships and just getting to know people in your industry? To be honest, this is how we’ve built our business over the last 23 years, but we know it’s not how a lot of the industry […]