Setting Up For Success With Self-Service Kiosks

The restaurant industry is undergoing a significant shift at the moment. The number of people eating out has increased in volume. Therefore, restaurants need to rethink their strategies for success to leverage this growth in customers. One way restaurants adapt is through self-service kiosks that allow customers to order and pay without waiting in line […]

Customer Satisfaction Myths Tripping You Up

If you own a restaurant, you’re no doubt constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline. There are many ways to do this, but persistent customer satisfaction myths could trip you up if you don’t know how and why to avoid them. Generating cash flow and satisfying your customers while holding yourself to a standard […]

How Tracking Employees Improves Restaurant Efficiency

Do you own a restaurant and want to increase employee productivity in a streamlined and simplified manner, helping your employees perform multiple tasks with greater efficiency? If you’re a restaurant owner who wants to make their workforce more efficient and keep the flow of your business at a constant and consistent pace, then there are […]

Setting Up An Outdoor Dining Area That Attracts Customers

As society starts to recover and rebuild from the past year, it’s time to welcome customers back to your restaurant. We’ve all struggled to keep moving through fear, hardship, societal changes, and the threat of illness. Many people who spent the past year at home have been looking forward to returning to normal life. Learn […]

How Much Will The Fast Food Industry Grow in 2021?

Mna eating burger with chart in front. Showing growth in fast food industry

The U.K’s Fast Food Industry is experiencing a fast-food frenzy as people and the economy continues to recover from the pandemic. Now the world is moving forward, what does the future of fast food in the U.K. look like. A new report finds that the value of the U.K.’s restaurant sector is expecting to grow […]

Secrets to Effective Upselling in Restaurants

restaurant upselling

Secrets to Effective Upselling in Restaurants A confident and enthusiastic server equipped with a solid toolkit of upselling techniques and the skill to use them properly has the potential to boost your restaurant’s bottom line significantly.Unfortunately, stoking server enthusiasm for upselling is often met with a lukewarm response at best. Many servers have a negative […]

Mind Blowing Tricks To Make Your Menu More Profitable

How to create a profitable menu

We almost feel like we shouldn’t say it out loud, but now, It looks like we can finally see the light at the end of the long Pandemic lockdown tunnel. Now the hard work of rebuilding begins. Collectively, we have lost much. However, we now have two choices in front of us. We can start […]

7 Smart Ways to Increase Spend Per Head in Your Restaurant

Successful restaurants and eateries have one thing in common, they’ve all increased their spendper head. From McDonald’s “Is that a large?” to fine dinning ‘Would you like our house winewith that?” increasing average spend per head is the key to scaling your hospitality business. Inthis post, we will go over seven smart ways to increase […]

The Importance of Inventory Management

One of the biggest money wasters in the restaurant business is wasted food. In fact, many restaurants lose up to 10% of their food before it even makes it onto diners’ plates because of inventory errors. Is there anything worse as a restaurant manager than having to throw away beautiful heads of romaine lettuce or […]