Selecting The Right POS Terminal For Your Restaurant

Selecting The Right POS Terminal For Your Restaurant

In today’s fast-paced world, restaurants need to be able to rely on their point-of-sale (POS) terminals. A POS terminal that is reliable and durable can have positive knock-on effects for a restaurant, such as increased efficiency and happier customers. For example, a restaurant with a reliable Point Of Sale system is likely to see repeat […]

Boost Restaurant Sales In A Cost Of Living Crisis

Boost Restaurant Sales In The Cost Of Living Crisis

Due to the current economic hardships, many consumers have cut back on expenses, including eating out. The rising food prices have taken a toll on the hospitality industry as many consumers refrain from going out. With that said, restaurant owners need to develop ways of boosting restaurant sales with the cost of living crisis. So, […]

Effortless POS Integration For Your Restaurant


There’s nothing more frustrating than having tech not working in unison. It’s like having a dysfunctional family that doesn’t talk to each other or get along. At Winpos, we’re experts in integration and can help guide that dysfunctional technology family together to all sing in harmony. The point-of-sale system is among the biggest assets for […]

Boost Customer Retention With Personalisation

Boost Customer Retention With Personalisation

For restaurants and hotels, winning the minds and hearts of potential customers is increasingly about getting inside their minds and hearts. And this is where personalisation – the ability to use what you know about a customer to provide a tailored experience – comes in! Personalisation within the hospitality industry is ever-growing. Today, customers expect […]

Boost Customer Experience With Consumer Apps

Boost Customer Experience With Consumer Apps

A restaurant needs three main things to thrive. It has to have exceptional meals, it must be located in a prime location, and have faster and more efficient service. Yes, customers now more than ever are looking for easier experiences when interacting with their favourite restaurants. Assuming you’ve nailed the first two, the third requirement […]

Finding Your Perfect POS System

Finding The Perfect POS System

Customers are beginning to flock back to their favourite restaurants making it essential for you to find your perfect POS system. A system that’s going to make their buying journey hassle-free. This brings us to the point-of-sale (POS) system – software tools that help restaurants and retailers process sales and track inventory. This post discusses […]

The Winpos Ecosystem

The Winpos Ecosystem

We live in a future in which there are countless features that can transform or enhance an organisation’s efficiency. The customer experience evolves with rapidly changing technology, as consumers learn to expect automation and easy to use applications. Winpos has an entire point of sale ecosystem that has been carefully curated to provide the highest level of […]

Point Of Sale FAQ’s

POS Frequently Asked Questions

Point of sale systems (POS) simplifies client purchases in the hospitality industry. As digital technology is evolving, the software’s multi-tasking skills have gradually risen. Today, a POS software integrates information, maintains inventory, creates reports, records and analyses sales and transaction data. It’s an intelligent system that can study and evaluate your company’s demands. As businesses […]

Setting Up For Success With Self-Service Kiosks

The restaurant industry is undergoing a significant shift at the moment. The number of people eating out has increased in volume. Therefore, restaurants need to rethink their strategies for success to leverage this growth in customers. One way restaurants adapt is through self-service kiosks that allow customers to order and pay without waiting in line […]

How Tracking Employees Improves Restaurant Efficiency

Do you own a restaurant and want to increase employee productivity in a streamlined and simplified manner, helping your employees perform multiple tasks with greater efficiency? If you’re a restaurant owner who wants to make their workforce more efficient and keep the flow of your business at a constant and consistent pace, then there are […]