DIRECTorder - v6-B - White

3 in 1 Directorder app - puts your business in the palm of everyones hand.

From consumers to staff our standalone or integrated consumer app allows everyone to interact with your business.

Seamless communication between all systems and users ensures customer experience and business efficiencies are notably improved. 

Hospitality, Retail and tourism now have the power of 3

Integrated seamlessly with your existing systems, DIRECTorder is a native mobile app suitable for local, national or international business.

Click and Collect

As long as the customer has internet access they can order from your store.

Pay Anywhere

Take orders and payment directly at table or go to where they are in your store.

Take Away and Delivery

DIRECTorder app seamlessly handles takeaway and delivery orders.

Seamless Customer experience and business management

How does DIRECTORDER spark customer experience and profit improvements?

DIRECTorder is a revolutionary new way of enhancing the customer experience. Designed to reduce costs and delays while enhancing the customer experience, customers and staff love the conveniences and efficiencies the DIRECTorder app brings.

How flexible is the DIRECTorder app?

Update everything from your Point of Sale system or use a secure portal to manage everything from special offers to pricing and pictures . DIRECTORDER also gives the ability to send direct marketing messages at the click of a button.

Scan and go consumer app

Delivery option features


Features your customers will love

Browse Products

Customers can swiftly browse your entire menu or product range.

Select Locations

Smart Geo-locator shows and directs customers to your locations.


Drive loyalty with promotions delivered directly to your customers.

Order Management

View past and present orders.

Opening Times

Clearly see your opening times and availability.

Information Pages

Read About, Faqs, and Contact Us page

Features you and YOUR TEAM WILL LOVE


Ready for printing order notifications. Kitchen display board integrations available.

Product Management

From secure portal instantly update product data.

Order Management

Browse and analysis customers past order history

Telephone Mode

Easily take orders by phone.

Order Anywhere

Take customers order at table or anywhere in your retail store.

Menu Selection

View, select and edit menus dynamically across your entire portfolio.

Server Mode

Creating a simple interface for staff to use.

Category Management

Adjust, add or remove catergories to suit your business.

Push Notifications

Gain the instant attention of all your customers.

Easy cross platform native app

Once your app has been designed and branded, staff and customers can instantly download it from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Which step will you take next?

Would you like to see DIRECTorder in action for yourself? Simply let us know if you would prefer an expert to walk you through the app and answer any questions you have, or we can see you a link to download the app directly to your device or iOS device.

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How easy is it to update the app?

Using native app technology means updates can be deployed instantly without interruption to service.

Does it support push notifications?

Yes! Running a special offer or want to let people know about a new menu item, not a problem! You can easily send a push notification to all app users. 

Can the App work across multiple locations?

Absolutely! The app has been built to work across multiple outlets in multiple ways. One app for multiple outlets. It even has the potential to identify which location a user is in.

What information can I add?

To enhance the customer experience DIRECTorder has rich content ability. 

This allows you add things like:

  • Photos
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Nutritional information
  • Allergy information

Does DIRECTorder have intergrations?

Yes! DIRECTorder has advanced API capability. Orders can be directly send to all areas of the business. 

For example, an order can be sent to the Kitchen printer and Kitchen display board. 

Will DIRECTorder look like our own app?

Yes! Our team of experts will work with you to design a fully branded app that integrates seamlessly