Freshen Up Your Restaurant This Year

Kick-off 2022 with a new POS system for your restaurant, and you’ll be upgrading to a much-needed asset, which will not only make work more efficient than ever before but will also make your customers’ experience better. Doing this now will allow you to utilise the system for the rest of 2022.

Your Point of Sale system could likely benefit from an upgrade, or if you don’t have one in place already, now is the perfect time to get started. A good POS should allow you to track your inventory, sales, cash flow and simplify your bookkeeping enormously. You can track popular items, track employee performance, and ensure that orders and credit card information is secure.

Let’s take a look at everything a POS can do for your restaurant, from staff to customers and everything in between.

Freshen Up Your Restaurant

Run the Restaurant Smoother

One of the most significant benefits of utilising a computer POS system to freshen up your restaurant is the ability to manage your inventory and kitchen easily. With all the information a POS provides right at your fingertips, getting up to date inventories and tracking what your kitchen needs are effortless. That makes ordering new supplies and food items much more straightforward, making staying ahead of demand much simpler.

Restaurants also have more complex inventory needs. They require inventory management systems capable of looking at whether a particular dish is running out and whether or not the ingredients needed to create it are running low.

Many POS systems also allow restaurant owners to look at how their business is performing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and will enable them to set goals based on the customer activity they are seeing. You’ll be able to run real-time reports showing you inventory, sales, credit card sales, individual employee sales, and much more. All of which you can pull up anytime.

An intelligent POS system will be able to help you track staffing and scheduling to ensure you aren’t overstaffing or understaffing the floor at any given time. Employee pay is a significant portion of your expenses when running a restaurant, and making sure you staff just the correct number of people can make a POS priceless.

Make Employees Lives Easier

Make employee lives easier

Putting in an order and sending it to the kitchen is faster with a fully integrated POS system that communicates directly with the kitchen staff. By providing your servers with an app-like design, you’ll make it much easier for them to learn the menu, create custom orders, and create a routine for inputting information.

This type of POS can also provide an easy-to-use front-of-house system where you can seat guests and mark departures easily. That way, your servers are each having their sections filled, creating a fair distribution of work. Your POS could lead to improved service speed for the entire restaurant because it gives you the ability to manage the whole floorplan.

Typing an order into a handheld device is much quicker than writing one down, and there is less chance that someone will get something wrong. Employees that can work quickly without feeling overwhelmed provide better service, which leads us to our next benefit—happier customers.

Make the Customer Experience Better

Quicker input of order means customers get their food faster. Faster food delivery means happy customers. Your guest will also enjoy the reduced rates of order errors. Printing tickets right to the kitchen or bar also makes for a better customer experience because there is less back and forth between the kitchen and wait staff.

And the speed doesn’t end there. Processing payments quickly and accurately is also more manageable with a top-of-the-line POS system that reads credit cards and cash. With cloud-based, reliable POS systems, you can be sure that payments are processed as fast as possible, which will keep everything moving smoothly in your busy restaurant.

Customers having fun in a restaurant

Also, many POS systems provide a consumer or customer-facing app board that sits right on the table. This means your guests can take paying and updating their order into their own hands, eliminating the need to wait for their server to come by so that they can ask for the check. Quickly adding another drink or running their card can be as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Another great offering for customers is the built-in loyalty programs that often come with innovative POS systems. Today’s customers appreciate being rewarded for their patronage and like to take advantage of rewards or loyalty programs. Implementing one in your restaurant can seem daunting, but with your POS, you’ll be able to track customer habits and design unique offerings and promotions around them.

For example, if you have guests who regularly come in after work for a drink, you can offer them Happy Hour specials to thank them for being loyal customers.

Get Started Now

Choosing a POS for your food business can be a challenge, and you want to be sure you pick the right tool for your type of restaurant based on its unique needs and size. You’ll want to be sure it can provide you with the necessary options without bogging you down with unwanted extras. Streamline your business and enjoy better profits, happier customers, and efficient employees.

What are you waiting for? Installing a new system can help you manage your business’s three most essential parts. By employing an upgraded system in your restaurant now, you’re giving yourself a whole year to track the results and get everyone used to the new software. A fresh new year, a fresh start. Today is the day to get your updated POS installed. Find yours by contacting us today!