Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Summer

The days are becoming warmer day by day, meaning summer is just around the corner. And for restaurant owners, this is the high time to prepare for this busy season.

Warmer days bring tons of crowds to the streets looking to enjoy meals and drinks leisurely. This presents your restaurant with the opportunity to attract new customers. So how do you prepare your restaurant for this summer?

This guide will provide you with seven key areas to focus on when getting your restaurant ready for summer.

Let’s get started!

How do I prepare my restaurant for summer?

We all know that the summer period in restaurants is extremely busy; many tourists visit your city, and more locals venture outdoors. You want to be prepared to take advantage of this increase in business to boost your revenues and increase your customers. Here’s how you can look and plan ahead for summer in your restaurant.

Outdoor Summer Restaurant Space

1. Outdoor Space

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time for your outdoor seating and rooftops to shine. Diners will most likely want to enjoy their favourite meal or drink while soaking up the warm and inviting sun.

So, how do you prepare your outdoor space for the summer?

First, you’ll need to shade cover to make your outdoor space pleasant during the day. A shade sail or a parasol is the ideal choice if you’re on a budget. You may consider a professionally installed retractable roof if you want a permanent solution.

Second, you can create ambience on your patio by adding ambience lighting. For instance, you may add LED candles or add string lights on your patio to keep your business flowing during the night.

You should also prepare a deck and outdoor furniture and invest in cosiness in your outdoor space to keep customers coming to your restaurant.

2. Noise Control

With outdoor seating, you’re likely to encounter noise problems that begin beyond the boundaries of your patio, including constructions, vehicle traffic, and other neighbourhood noises.

Get your restaurant ready for the summer by reducing the noise. You may consider adding a wall, bushes, plants, or your sound strategy (like an exciting playlist).

3. Hire More Employees

Hire More Employees

Whether you’re opening a full section or adding several new tables, the chances are that you’ll need extra help during the busy season. But with the hospitality industry notoriously known for its high turnover rate, you’ll need to motivate your new temporary hires.

You may also forego the cost of hiring and training new employees by investing in a user-friendly POS system. The right system will help your employees handle the extra demand easily. 

4. Create a summer menu

Keep your menu fresh and exciting by adding summer-inspired specials. Lighten up your food and shake up your cocktails. It gives your clients every reason to choose your restaurant in the summer months.

Now is a perfect time to install a frozen drink machine or cold food bar. It will make your restaurant stand out and ensure your customer have a summer like no other they’ve had.

Show off our culinary talent by using innovative ingredients on your summer menus. Serve summer seafood and mix up cool cocktails. The local farmers may also have a surge in farm produce, so check with them to see if there is any seasonal produce that may spice up your menu.

5. Offer Incentives

Sure, the foundation of a successful restaurant lies in the quality of your food and services. However, keeping the customer returning and tagging along family members or friends calls for more than just excellent meals and services.

Offers and incentives will make customers come and visit your restaurant this summer and motivate them to return or refer your restaurant to friends or family members.

So, get your restaurant ready for summer by implementing incentives and offers for customers. An excellent idea is to set a day, like a special Friday, and offer meals and drinks at discounted prices. You may provide guests with a first drink free or a free appetiser.

Remember that you can take your summer restaurant profits soaring with happy and well-motivated restaurant staff, so offer incentives to them too.

6. Promote Your Changes Online

Promote Your Changes Online

Leverage your website and social media profiles to promote your summer restaurant’s changes. Post the announcement strategically on your website and make it visible. Also, come up with creative infographics and share them on your social media profiles. Engage with prospects that comment and invite them to your restaurant.

You may also use emails to send the summer restaurant deal to your existing customers. Compose a compelling short message and add a CTA to the mail. The audience will already have an interest in your establishment. This could be the extra nudge they need to come and visit again.

7. Update your restaurant with Winpos technology

Research shows that wait time plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and post-purchase behaviour. Short waiting time results in higher customer satisfaction and encourages them to return.

Get your restaurant ready for summer using the Winpos technology system. The system increases the speed of service, supports mobile ordering, improves chain management, supports reporting, and more.

What Next?

There you have it – seven simple ways to increase your restaurant’s summer sales. Now you should be all set for a successful summer. If you’re looking for new ways to elevate your restaurant, contact Winpos today. We provide you with an Epos system that allows everyone in your firm to focus on meeting customer expectations.