Hot Management Tips: How a POS System Can Boost Employee Efficiency


Did you know that a good POS system can boost your employees’ efficiency?

Point Of Sale (POS) is the central hub of any retail business. It merges sales, stock, and customer management. It’s the last thing a customer sees when they pay and plays a role in if they’ll return.

Although Point Of Sale can help any type of business, these management tips take the point-of-view of a restaurant.

POS systems help restaurants simplify operations and analyse costs. They also increase profitability and enhance the customer experience. With dedicated mobile apps on the rise, staff become more efficient as customers self-serve.

If you’re a restaurant owner/director, discover how the right POS tools can help increase your bottom line. If you manage a restaurant, see how you can improve the efficiency of your staff and impress your boss.

Ready to make some savings and increase productivity? Here are 5 ways in which POS will boost your employees’ efficiency.

1. Mobile Self-Service

Modern POS systems now incorporate mobile apps. Customers download them onto their phones to interact with your backend software.

Your full menu is in your customer’s hand before they even arrive. They can order from home or when they meet at their table.

The result is a leaner, more efficient dining experience.

There will be less queuing for your staff to manage as the ordering process reduces. Managers will see increased productivity as more customers are catered for.

Employees can be directed at those customers who need assistance—large parties take-up most time, much to the detriment of other patrons. But with mobile self-service everyone receives the same level of service.

Specials, dish-of-the-day, and offers are easy to promote on the app. Coupons, for example, can be scanned to give special discounts for your slower days.

Be smart. Let your customers work for you with mobile self-service.

2. Accurate Stock Checking

Stock control – the restaurant manager’s daily nightmare. Throw in careless employees who don’t give accurate counts, and the result is waste or overspend.

POS systems are an accurate tool for accountability. As every order breaks-down into ordered stock, you’re able to keep track of what’s selling and what’s not.

For instance, your chef demands more quality beef dishes on the menu. His or her request shouldn’t be based on a whim but backed-up by POS analytics. If sirloins sold well over the month, you’ll see their profitability on-screen.

But make sure the numbers tally with accurate stock takes. If there’s a wide discrepancy, your POS statistics will state where or who the problem might be.

3. Easier and More Secure Payments

One time-consuming task comes at the end of the meal when the bill arrives. Although wireless chip-and-pin systems allow quick payments, mobile apps are a faster alternative.

POS apps that work on any phone or tablet allow your customers to pay when they choose. Your staff are notified when the payment comes through, so there’s no need to rush between tables with a bulky terminal.

If employees worry about losing tips, most POS apps have built-in tipping. This reduces the temptation to pocket collective tips and lets everyone see the total at the end of the night.

Of course, digital payments negate the transfer of cash, which reduces the risk of fraud. Unfortunately, not all employees are trustworthy, but with POS payments that’s taken out of their hands.

Customers also prefer to be in control, especially Millenial diners. They can leave when they pay and not have to wait for a busy waiter to arrive. Payments are secure, and receipts can be texted or emailed.

Easy, secure, and efficient. What’s not to love?

4. Staff Scheduling

The hospitality sector is notorious for high staff turnover rates. With a retention rate of only 70%, one primary factor staff want is better shift scheduling.

As a restaurant manager or owner, how does your POS system help with managing team shift patterns?

Good POS software will highlight who is most efficient on what day. Create a report detailing the previous few months’ earnings and corresponding staff shifts. Did certain employees contribute more at the weekend? Perhaps they’re more suited to lunchtime shifts?

Excellent communication is vital to ensure your staff know when their next shift begins.

POS software actively manages that for you. No more whiteboards and unreadable squiggles. A centralised shift board is available for all your staff to access and contact you if issues arise.

5. Real-Time Monitoring for Managing Staff

Worried that some staff aren’t pulling their weight?

Cloud-based POS systems can track your employees’ productivity in real-time. Reports detail how quickly customers are served when they place an order. They’ll highlight if your chef takes twenty minutes to cook an omelette.

The best use of real-time monitoring is for restaurant chains.

Comparing the productivity of each of your branches helps a manager decide who needs more resources. If footfall reduces in one area, then employees can be transferred to another.

Employee absences are a common headache, but with POS, frequent offenders will be flagged.

Secure clocking in and out, lets you spot staff members who are poor timekeepers. That often translates to inefficient serving in front-of-house.

For restaurant owners, you can break down exactly how efficient your business is running. Alert managers if staffing levels are too high or too low. Keep wages in line to maximise profits while keeping your employees happy.

Some Final Management Tips

One of our main tips for management and owners regarding POS is customer loyalty.

CRM systems hold all your customer data and should be used for marketing if they opted-in. Send them targeted mailshots or texts based on their previous orders.

Customer engagement increases brand awareness and drives more patrons to visit your restaurant. And with a modern POS system, it’s relatively simple to do.

If you’d like to read more about how the hospitality sector benefits from POS systems, please read our blog.

Not All POS Systems Are Created Equal

We’ve covered some POS management tips but is your existing system up to snuff? Are there some areas that it lacks like mobile payments? If so, then now is the time to upgrade.

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