Restaurants around the world are making the switch to modern and updated POS systems to help improve and streamline their businesses. It now seems almost retro to not utilize them.

If your business hasn’t yet joined in, why not? Have you not seen the benefits? The improvements that can be made for the owners, workers, and customers?

If you’re thinking that it might be time to update your business to a modern point of sale system, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn about how the hospitality industry can benefit from point of sale systems when used effectively.

1. Payment

POS systems often allow many new and efficient ways for customers to make payments quickly and easily. This speeds up your process and makes the whole system easier and more appealing for the customer.

speeds up service times

Depending on the needs of your restaurant, there are several different payment options available from some of the most modern POS systems alongside the standard payment options that have always been available to customers.

Contactless Payment

More and more people have been doing this quick and easy payment method, to the point that it now feels inefficient to swipe a card or read a chip.

There are special cards for contactless pay that simply require a tap. This moves everything along much more quickly for everyone involved so the next customer can be helped.

There are also mobile-based payment methods of payment that customers can use right from their phone. This eliminates the need for their cards or wallets entirely and will be a helpful and timesaving change for them, your staff, and your business.

Advance Payment

POS systems make it incredibly easy to pay for orders ahead of time if someone intends on ordering takeaway or making a paid reservation.

Your customer can order online, come in and grab their order when it’s ready, and leave all while your staff is working with other customers. No time or money is lost and no one has to deal with excessive wait times for their food or service.

Mobile ordering

For some establishments that are more casual, it might be convenient to allow your customers to order from their seats or bar area via a mobile phone or tablet system.

This lets them casually sit and chat with their party without interruption and order food at their own pace. This could result in larger or more frequent orders, and it’s very convenient for the customer who likes to snack and chat while having drinks.

2.Freeing up Staff

There are some occasions where it’s crucial to have strong and dedicated staff members helping out your customers. There are others where this is less essential.

POS systems can provide avenues to self-service stations for customers.

Similar to the mobile ordering, these stations allow customers to order at their leisure and depending on your type of restaurant, either pick their food up from the counter or have it brought to them by a staff member.

self service apps improve customer experience

This allows the staff to get to more people and truly attend to the things that need extra help, and also allows the customers time to decide what they want without pressure or holding up any lines or servers.

They can also be quite stress-relieving for customers who feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, who are tired after a long day at work, or who have hearing impairments, who will appreciate this new ordering system.

3. Easy Access to Business Trends

When all of your data from your business (or even businesses, one system can often manage several businesses with ease) is collected in one place, it’s very easy to see trends in customer buying and traffic habits. This is especially useful in the hospitality industry where there is a heavy customer focus.

These habits allow you to plan for your own purchasing habits for supplies, your hiring and hours, and any potential specials.

hospitality industry

It’s easy to see if one menu item isn’t getting any buyers so you can put it on special and then discontinue it, or if one thing is very popular so you need to resupply it more often (and perhaps refocus your advertising).

You can track employee sales, average table turnover time, and what hours are most popular at your business. There are so many helpful tools for business trends.

4. Easily Track Inventory

POS systems can tell you exactly how much of each item you have left after each sale, making it easy to order items when you’re running low.

use pos to identify theft

This also discourages (and helps to identify) any theft from the company if that’s been a concern.

Either of these will save the company money overall and help reduce margins.

5. Food and Beverage Preparation

In some POS systems, when the server puts the order into the system, it will automatically go to the back of the house where it can be prepared (if that makes sense for your restaurant).  When it’s finished, the waiter is notified so that they can take it back out to the customer.

hospitality industry pos automatically sends order

In other systems, this works by tickets, but those tickets are created by the POS system.

This same system works with beverages, allowing easy and quick communication between waitstaff, cooks, and bartenders so that everything runs smoothly from front-of-house to back-of-house.

POS Systems are Gamechangers for the Hospitality Industry

If you’re looking to slim down your margins in your restaurant, it might be time to invest in a modern POS system.

They benefit the company, they benefit servers, and they benefit customers. The hospitality industry is the perfect place to be using these point of sale systems, and once you try it, you won’t be able to go back.

If you’re interested in a POS system for your establishment, get in touch. We’ll see if we can meet your restaurant’s needs.