Increase Hospitality Industry Sales This Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner, but how can the hospitality industry sales increase this season? With Autumn comes the inevitable change in seasons and consumer demands so, what does this mean for the hospitality industry and establishments across the UK? How can you plan to prepare for the change in seasons and consumer demands? Here are some ways you can get ahead.

Autumn is one of the most important seasons in hospitality as it offers homely experiences such as traditional dishes and cosy environments. Let’s talk about how you can attract more customers to your establishment.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Restaurant Customer Loyalty Schemes

You might consider creating a customer loyalty program if you haven’t already done so. Offering discounts to regular customers who come during the autumn months could work.

Also, offering free drinks or starters is a great incentive to get these customers to return to your establishment and interact again.

In Autumn, you also have Black Friday to prepare for, in which you can offer great deals to customers who want to come to your establishment. You can offer them some unmissable deals they wouldn’t want to miss up on to increase your customer retention.

Have Themed Evenings

Autumn has a few big events throughout the season, none more important than Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Black Friday.

All these events can have an individually themed evening to generate more customers through the door.

For Halloween, you could have your staff dress up in appropriate attire to add a spooky element to your establishment. Bonfire Night also has plenty of opportunities surrounding it that you could execute.

Have Fun On Social Media

Social Media In Hospitality

Another way to boost hospitality industry sales is through social media. Give your customers a reason to follow your account. Make fun and engaging content that entices your customers to engage. You can promote the themed evening you have coming up and get people to make bookings from social media.

You also have an opportunity to offer customers exclusive social media discounts to those loyal customers that follow all your socials.

Hire Great Staff

No matter where your establishment fits into the hospitality industry, the number one essential key to success Is hiring great staff. Hire staff that are friendly and keen to keep the ship running smoothly.

With schools going back, it could free up parents that spent the summer looking after their children. Also, university-based cities could see an increase in demand for jobs as more students look for part-time work on top of their studies.

Life becomes easier when you ensure staff are well trained, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond in giving guest’s the perfect experience.

What This Means

Now that you know what you can do to plan for the Autumn season let’s discuss how this will positively impact your establishment.

Customer Retention

By implementing these suggestions in your establishment throughout the Autumn season, you should begin to see your customer retention stats go through the roof. If customers like what they see in your establishment, they will feel more inclined to return for more and give more business.

Friendly Restaurant Atmosphere

Part of your job is incentivising them to come back in the future. This can be done once they’ve finished or through social media after they’ve left.

Create A Friendly Atmosphere

Incorporating these changes into the future of your establishment this coming season will create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, even if Dracula does make an appearance in a themed event.

Having staff that understand the business ethos and are willing to embrace the company’s traditions will improve customer interactions. The loyal customers will especially appreciate this.

More Sales!

Finally, and arguably the most crucial reason for all of this, is that you can expect to see increased hospitality industry sales throughout the season. With more customers flocking through your door for the themed nights and loyalty schemes, you’ll undoubtedly have a successful few months. And position yourself firmly, leading into the festive season just around the corner.

How We Can Help

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