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Speed up service, boost sales and delight your customers with our ecosystem of versatile and reliable point of sale solutions.

Our POS ecosystem

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If you’re looking for a smarter way to run your business, our point of sale (POS) and hospitality management solutions can help.

They bring speed, efficiency and confidence to your operations. From our powerful all-in-one POS system to self-service, drive-thru and click and collect solutions, we can help you take your sales and customer experience to the next level.


Our hospitality management solutions include

Point of sale

Connect all your front-of-house operations within a single, easy-to-use POS platform that streamlines your processes and customer experience.

The Winpos POS system lets you run your business however you want to, from wherever you are. Optimise your menus, order management and inventory, and get real-time insight in the palm of your hand. You can integrate it with your ERP, CRM or other business systems to get complete visibility and control of your operations. With Winpos POS, you can:


Empower your customers with self-service kiosk solutions that enhance the ordering and payment experience while optimising your operations.

Our intuitive and user-friendly kiosk platform allows customers to place orders and make secure payments at their own pace and convenience.

They’ll help you revolutionise customer interactions, boost efficiency and elevate your business to new heights. With Winpos self-service kiosks, you can:


Transform your drive-thru experience with display and ordering systems that streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Advanced technology empowers quick and accurate order placement and payment processing, ensuring a seamless drive-thru encounter.

Our drive-thru ordering systems redefine the drive-thru experience, improving operational efficiency and elevating your customer service to new heights. With Winpos drive-thru systems, you can:

Kitchen display

Optimise your kitchen operations with cutting-edge kitchen display systems (KDS) that bridge the gap between your front-of-house and kitchen operations.

Our KDS solutions bring clarity, efficiency and confidence to your kitchen, ensuring a seamless dining experience for your customers.

Seamlessly route orders to the correct preparation stations and notify service staff when orders are ready. With a Winpos KDS, you can:

Direct Order App

Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty with a Direct Order App. Our native iOS and Android app provides a seamless, branded ordering experience.

Customers can conveniently place mobile, table or click-and-collect orders from their smartphones, ensuring more revenue and repeat business. We’re the only provider on the market to offer all three options in one app.

With optimised performance and intuitive design, the app offers an enjoyable ordering process. The Winpos Direct Order app will help you:

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Our quick and stress-free switching service will help you upgrade from your existing system to one of our solutions. And our dedicated support team is always available to help with any questions or issues you have.

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