Epos solution complete overview
Epos solution complete overview

Epos for Quick Service Restaurants

Exceed customer expectations with easy order management solutions

You don’t have time to waste – you work hard for your money. That’s why Winpos helps you do more in less time by making it easy and convenient to take orders, process payments, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy restaurant owner, an overwhelmed shift leader, or just a server that needs help with the system – Winpos is easy-to-use, intuitive, and designed to simplify your life.

At Winpos we are committed to providing leading-edge solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our point of sale solution not only boosts efficiency but also provides additional purchasing and interaction methods with our range of Point of Sales companions. These provide great opportunities for businesses to generate higher revenue by providing better customer service with less effort.

Reduce stress and generate higher revenues with Winpos Complete Platform As A Service.

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POS for Restaurants (Fine Dining and Casual Dining)

Helping you to provide a smooth and superior customer experience

The Winpos Point of Sale system is a perfect solution for fine dining restaurants to manage their operations smoothly.

At Winpos we understand you need an intuitive POS system that can go beyond taking set menu orders. It needs to adapt to unique customer demands and communicate clearly across all sections rapidly.

From table service WaiterApps that include allergy information to on-demand reports that allow you to take meaningful action; Winpos is a complete solution that caters to your unique Dining organisation.

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POS for Pubs and Night Clubs

Accelerate your speed of service in a fast-paced environment

If you’re looking for a reliable, stable and fast Point of sale for your pub or nightclub- Winpos is what you need. It’s super easy to use and offers reliability, stability and speed.

Minimising mistakes by providing easy to use intuitive interfaces is essential to your business. In addition to this, you need smart and intelligent back-office reports that empower management to make fully informed decisions.

Winpos Point of sale is perfect if you want to provide a seamless customer service experience. It’s fast, responsive, reliable, stable and supports multiple devices.

POS for Contract Caters

Robust Reliability that adapts to your environment

Operating across various venues, facilities and environments is complex and challenging. Winpos is the ideal Epos solution if you’re looking for reliability in difficult environments like festivals or trade shows.

Winpos is a feature-packed POS software that will revolutionise the way you do business. Our in-house experts will set everything up for you and the system is fully scalable.

Winpos’ system is designed to save you time and money while improving customer service. It’s easy to use and fully customisable. The reporting features are second-to-none in the industry.

POS for In-House Caters

Manage revenue splits and financial reporting easily

From Directors to Front-line staff, every user is provided with a robust, easy to use reliable Epos solution when using Winpos.

Regardless of contract arrangements Winpos can be developed and deployed to exceed your expectations.

Winpos works with small local contract set-ups to large scale multi-site deployments.

POS for Leisure and Tourism Industry

Providing fast and efficient guest experiences

From arenas to travel, Winpos has years of experience supplying Epos solutions to fast high volume multi-location organisations.

Winpos is at your side. We’re a next-generation POS company that thrives on innovation and delivering complete solutions that work.

With centralised management and robust reliable network support, everyone in your organisation will feel confident when using your complete Winpos solution.

Do you have specific needs? Like a bespoke ticketing system. We offer customisable solutions that can be tailored to suit your unique organisational requirements – making us the perfect choice when it comes to implementing a POS solution for your business.

Epos for Coffee Shops and Cafés

Exceed customer expectations with easy order management solutions

Winpos is a powerful yet affordable point of sale system for coffee shops. It’s the perfect platform to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience while keeping your costs low.

Winpos can be customised to provide customer retention and loyalty programs, and it integrates with all major payment providers.

Winpos is easy to use, so you’ll spend less time fixing problems and more time running your business. You can either run it on dedicated and robust POS devices or it’s compatible with all major operating systems and devices – including smartphones – making it quick and easy to get started today!

Easy switch guarantee for Epos and Point of sale

Is our Hospitality POS system for you?

Winpos is for you if…

    • You want a POS to fit with your business, instead of you adapting to the POS.
    • You want to give staff the right tools to service customers quicker
    • You want to have seamless communication between customer-facing operations and back-office management.

From Local to Multi-National Organizations – Winpos Provides Complete Solutions

Mobile Ordering
Kitchen Management
Alerrgy Alerts
On Screen Menus
Inventory Management
Bespoke Deployment
User Level Security
Multy Site Functionality
Deep Analitics
Real Time Data
Finance Management
Workforce Analysis
Loyalty System
Home Delivery

Winpos are the only POS provider confident enough to provide a stress-free easy switching process.

Designed and deployed to meet your organisation’s requirements. Everyone in the company will be confident and happy using Winpos Point of Sale.

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Epos Companions that accelerate growth and enhance customer experience

Waiter App

Winpos waiter app is a revolutionary mobile POS for hospitality, restaurants, bars, clubs – delivering a seamless, cashless and outstanding customer experience.

Handle tables, take orders, split checks, and everything else from one single mobile POS – all through the Winpos app.

All the features of a fixed terminal conveniently converted to mobile

Easily manage your inventory with real-time sync across all devices. Take orders from anywhere and never worry about missing a sale again.

Rich sales dashboard presented directly on your mobile device.

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DIRECTorder – Consumer App

With our DIRECTorder consumer app you can instantly increase customer loyalty and grow your business.

Customers can interact and do everything they need from their own mobile devices. Empowering you to reduce queue times and staff resource requirements.

DIRECTorder was created and built to provide the ultimate customer experience. Giving your customer the tools to make them feel like they’re the only ones in the world.

With DIRECTorder, it’s all about speed, simplicity and convenience.

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Self-Service Kiosks

A game-changer

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your service experience, then the Winpos self-kiosks are the perfect fit. Integrating seamlessly with your Winpos POS units, our self-service kiosks offer more than just a novel way to take orders

Fast and Reliable

Restaurant owners know that speed of service is critical when it comes to customer satisfaction. Winpos kiosks are designed with speed in mind so that your guests can get their order quickly without any hassle!

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Display Boards

No more paper, no more notebooks, and no more lost orders! Save time and money with our integrated display board systems.

Stay on top of your business with a system that’s designed to save you time, with features like our smart digital menu board and kitchen display system.

Speed up orders and avoid the confusion with smart queuing and order ready alerts. Complete the system with a Order Ready Board and customers will know exactly when to expect their orders.

Less complaints, Increased Speed, Happier Staff and Customers. All this makes Display Board systems an essential upgrade to your business.

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Here at Winpos we know that your success is our success. That’s why we work to provide complete and customer-oriented service.

We have a team of developers in-house, which means that we are able to develop software that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our excellent customer relationships are based on trust and mutual benefit. Our goal is to see every customer grow with our system.

With UK wide support network of Engineers on hand if in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Of course, we’re always just a call or email away.

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