Increasing Speed of Service and Spend Per Head

Reduce Queue Times

Use Adaptive Technology

Provide Home Delivery

Increase Customer Loyalty

Enable Self Service

The Quick Service Challenge

We understand that Quick Service success is driven by exceeding customer expectations and improving bottom-line profitability.

To Achieve This, You Need:

This is why we’ve designed Winpos to be your catalyst for improving CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and PROFIT

Suitable for single quick-service establishments, international chains with drive-thru and every size of quick-service operation in-between.

Winpos Point of Sale solution is available in bespoke combinations. From basic touchscreen terminals with fully featured software, to a complete eco system with customer experience enhancing companions seamlessly integrated.

Discover how Winpos Point of Sale is the perfect solution for your Quick Service establishment…

Front of House Terminals

We are proud to introduce you to the future of quick service POS. Unlike fragile tablets, our front of house POS terminals are designed for the high demands of a quick service work environment.

Wide Range of Terminals

We have a wide range of POS terminals. From budget screens to the latest dual-screen terminals.

Point of Sale Software

Running a Quick Service establishment has never been so easy. With Winpos Point of Sale (POS) front end software, you get access to an extensive range of ever-growing features including optimising inventory, menus, & reports. Winpos’ software ensures that every detail is covered now and in the future.

Here is just a tiny selection of features you’ll benefit from-

Cost Effective

Winpos POS software has been designed to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Don’t full into the trap of false economics, invest in a system that will last and grow with you.

Active adapatability

Unlike other options our POS software adapts to your business model. Our system uniquely adapts and works perfectly on standard terminals, mobile devices or self-service kiosks.

Infinite Integrations

From single cafés to worldwide fast food chains, Winpos seamlessly runs from a single instance and integrates with an extensive range of partners.

Robust reliability

We understand all the bells and whistles are useless if you don’t have reliability. You can trust our POS software to provide robust reliability, even if your internet stops working.

Customer Centric

Increase customer loyalty using easy customer centric management. Running targeted offers, bonuses and campaigns to specific customers or customer groups is quick and simple.

Magic Monitoring

Don’t drown in useless reams of hard to read reports. Winpos POS software provides a range of dashboards and reports that empower you make intelligent business decisions.

Ingenious inventory

Save time and money counting inventory. Our automatic inventory management optimises your spending and minimises waste. Winpos software enables you to instantly see stock levels.

Mobile solutions

Enable your customers to order from anywhere in the world without queuing. Gaining extra sales by enabling customers to order from home or self service in VIP rooms or boxes for example.

Self-Service Kiosks

Improve customer experience and reduce operational costs with self-service kiosks.

Self-Service kiosks offer so many advantages and benefits to both your customers and business. From express ordering to increasing sales, self-service kiosks are ideal campanions to your Winpos point of sale solution.

Winpos has a kiosk size and shape available for all your concepts and locations.


Put your quick service offering in the palm of every customer. Our DIRECTorder app is built to precisely match your brand and offering.

Customers can order for click and collect, home delivery or direct to their table. The options are endless.

Orders feed directly through to your POS in real-time. If you’ve added a kitchen display system to your Winpos Point of Sale orders will also be fed directly through to the kitchen.

Can you imagine how much time and effort this will save you and your customer?


Rapid touchscreen technology enables waiters to serve quickly and easily.

Flexible Payments

Easily split checks and take payments using the customers' preferred method of choice.

360° Dashboard

See what is happening in real time with on-device reports.

Take Orders At Table

Bin the notepad and paper!

Now you can take orders directly at the customers’ table and they’ll be instantly sent to Order Ready Boards and Kitchen Display Boards.


Improve Customer Service

Fast food and quick service becomes faster and quicker with Winpos quick service waiter app.

faster speed of service

Effective Inventory Management

Super simple inventory management. Start scanning and checking inventory from your Mobile POS. How much time will this save you?


Display System

Printing receipts and pinning them to a Kitchen receipt holder is so 2010!

With kitchen staff working in the back and others serving customers, tracking orders and communicating can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming!

Winpos display systems instantly erase these problems and remove the need to print orders.

A Winpos display system comprises of 3 primary boards (KDS – Kitchen Display System, TOB – Total Order Board and ORB – Order Ready Board). Each board seamless syncs and updates in real-time.

The interactive KDS optimises items and can be tailored to meet your workflows.

Step 1


Customer Order taken.

Self-Service order

Order from App


multi site point of sale options


Step 2


Order is dynamically sent through to Kitchen display screens. This can be at multiple workstations.

On the customer-facing ORB (Order Ready Board), and front of house’s TOB (Total Order Ready board) the order appears in the preparation column.

Woman Using A Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display Screen

Total Order board

Step 3


Once the order is ready, the kitchen team update the KDS and all other display units get notified.

From the ORB to the DIRECTorder phone app, everyone is consistently and instantly updated.

order ready board


In 3 simple steps you can have a new Point of Sale solution that helps your business to improve customer experience and profits


We uncover what your goals are, and then design your Point of Sale solution to suit.


We install, optimise configuration and provide hands-on expert training to your team


You watch your new Point of Sale solution help to increase customer experience and profits.