Complete point of sale ecosystem

Point of Sale that opens up a new world of POSsabilties

Point of sale terminals

Get the terminal that suits your needs.

We have a full range of front end POS terminals available. 

All terminals are fast, easy and reliable and designed to work under pressure.


Developed by our own in-house software development team, Winpos Mega succeeds where most Point of Sale solutions fail. 

Achieving that perfect balance of being easy to use and fully featured.

From Front of house to business management, Winpos Mega software comes with all the features you need to exceed customer experience and increase profit.

SELF service kiosks

Meet customer service expectations with a modern self-service kiosk that doesn’t reduce the customer experience.

Available in a range of sizes, Winpos self-service kiosks can perfectly fit into most environments.


Put your business in the palm of your customers’ hands. 

Winpos DIRECTorder is built and designed to match specifically with your brand and offer. Customers can order ahead of arriving, takeout and curbside pickup.

Orders feed directly into your Kitchen display system and your central POS system.

Mobile solutions

Fully featured Winpos system in the palm of your hand.

Available as an app installed on your smart devices or on a range of dedicated hardwearing mobile devices.

With orders flowing into your central POS and Kitchen display system a mobile solution can revolutionise your speed of service and customer experience.

Kitchen display systems

Reduce mistakes and optimise every aspect of service. No more lost tickets or being unable to read scribbled orders. 

Kitchen display systems transform your business in the best way possible.  

An integrated Kitchen display system keeps everyone updated in real-time. Management can quick analyse and optimise kitchen efficiencies.

Winpos cloud

Winpos secure cloud server ensures all your data is kept in perfect sync and safe.

Able to work with single local sites to international multi-site organisations. 

And don’t worry about internet downtime our cloud server can continue to work even if your internet goes down.


omnichannel pos

Your customers will get a unified experience regardless of the channel used and best of all your business stays in perfect sync.


inventory management

Optimise your stock management and cash flow with our ingenious inventory management systems.


In 3 simple steps you can have a new Point of Sale solution that helps your business to improve customer experience and profits


We uncover what your goals are, and then design your Point of Sale solution to suit.


We install, optimise configuration and provide hands-on expert training to your team


You watch your new Point of Sale solution help to increase customer experience and profits.