Self-Service Kiosks For Restaurants

In a fast-paced industry, restaurants like yourself need to find new ways to stay on top. One way to beat the competition is to offer an enhanced speed of service and an overall excellent guest experience.

Customer wants to spend the least time queueing and walking around your restaurant. Everyone wants to make their order and get served quickly, with better efficiency and accuracy. And that’s what a self-service kiosk brings to your restaurant.

Research indicates that more than 65% of customers prefer self-service kiosks. So is your restaurant ready to embrace the technology and leverage these numbers?

Before you answer that, let’s see what a self-service kiosk is and why it is becoming a sensation in today’s food service industry. We’ll also find out its benefits and why your restaurant needs it.

What Is A Self-Service kiosk?

Self-service kiosks are customer-facing free-standing ordering machines that allow customers to order and pay without the help of a cashier, allowing for contactless service.

Self-Service Kiosk

Essentially, they have a touchscreen displaying the menu and steps to create your order. The system is easy to operate, cuts delays, and improves service delivery speed.

What Does It Do?

A self-ordering kiosk helps to simplify the customer experience in restaurants. It makes ordering convenient and contactless, giving you complete control of your order to customize it as desired and with no delays.

How Are They Used?

The self-service kiosk is synchronized with the restaurant’s POS system. It displays a digital menu from where you can pick your food of choice and create your order as desired. Once you’ve built your order, you can confirm it and make payments without any intervention from a cashier. The order is automatically sent to the kitchen, ready to be delivered.

The system also offers check-in services, easy management of products, as well as offers and promotions at the restaurant.

Advantages Of Using Self-Service Kiosks

More medium-sized restaurants are using self-service kiosks than ever. These establishments appreciate the benefits self-ordering kiosks bring to the industry that separates the best from the rest. Some of the advantages of a self-service kiosk include;

Increased Customer Experience

Customer experience

Customers want to be able to place their own orders and go at their own pace. They also fancy a whole menu at their fingertips, versatile payments, whether by cash or card, and the ability to make changes to their orders at will. This convenience is only available with a self-service kiosk, which adds to the excellent customer experience that makes your customers want to come back.


Self-ordering with a self-service kiosk is super fast. The system allows customers to navigate the whole menu with ease in seconds. You can effectively take 3 orders all at the same time and automatically send them to the kitchen.

After building the order, you can confirm it by making payments swiftly through various payment methods. The ordering process is immediate and very efficient.

Reduce queue times

Rather than one person serving, you have multiple options available at once. You have a full menu available at your fingertips, where you can make, edit, and delete orders. The system also offers different payment methods and other adequate information, including promotions available in the restaurant, all from the self-service kiosk.

Once you make your order, it is automatically sent to the kitchen, and you’ll be expected to move out of the queue to wait until your order is ready. This means no long queues and reduced queue times!

Increase Accuracy With Self-Service Kiosks

Increase order accuracy

Every order that gets put through is exactly what the customer wants. Self-service kiosks help to bypass human errors! No miscommunication, no misread orders due to poor handwriting, or even orders getting lost.

Whatever the customer orders is what they get it! Even when customers customize their orders by adding, removing, or editing ingredients, they still get their meals with no concerns for inaccuracies.

There has been a challenge of mixed-up orders for mid-sized businesses with no self-service kiosks. Customers receive meals they did not request, which is costly to businesses because they waste time preparing incorrect dishes. Other times, customers end up eating foods they are allergic to, creating a bad reputation for your restaurant.

Increased check sizes

Rather than letting your employees highlight high-margin food items to customers, you can use a self-service kiosk. You can display the items using gorgeous photos to make them more attractive. Self-service kiosks also let you use excellent descriptions to help increase sales.

Why Your Restaurant Needs It

Self-service kiosks set the standards of service delivery in the food service industry. They help customers scan menus with ease before creating their orders. The automated ordering process ensures you serve your customers fast and accurately. Moreover, it allows for personalization and provides various secure payment options.

With the growing need for an efficient process to save time and serve more customers, a self-service kiosk is a perfect innovation to take your restaurant to the next level.

How We Can Help

We at Winpos have the perfect self-service kiosk for your restaurant. Our system will help you serve your customers better by allowing them to easily create, edit and delete orders, and make payments. You also get to cut queue times, improve customer experience and elevate your business above your competitors. Get in contact today for the perfect self-service kiosk!