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If you want to optimise your operations and improve customer service, self-service kiosks and ordering apps offer the perfect solution.

They bring speed, efficiency and confidence to your restaurant or takeaway. Winpos’s powerful all-in-one system can easily adapt to your customer-facing environment to help you create a quick, simple and convenient ordering and checkout experience. 

Transform your operations today with a self-service kiosk solution and take your customer experience to the next level.

Fewer resources, more productivity

Benefits of Winpos Self-Service

Higher order values

Increase order size by up to 60% with add-ons, modifiers and upgrades.

Faster service

Reduce queue times and optimise transaction flow with faster service.

Improved experience

Create a more relaxed, convenient and enjoyable customer experience.

More profits

Promote higher margin items or special offers to boost sales revenue.

BESPOKE branding

Provide a consistent look and feel across all your brand touchpoints.

Efficient staffing

Free up employee time, improve staff efficiency and enhance customer service.

Data insights

Gain valuable insights into customer trends, behaviour and preferences.

Improved accuracy

Reduce errors and improve order accuracy to increase customer satisfaction.

Increased sales channels

Reach new customers with online ordering, collection and delivery options.

Better resource management

Reduce waste and over-production with accurate order management.

Drive revenue and profits

Integrated drive-thru options

Our self-service solutions have enhanced drive-thru functionality to help you provide a seamless drive-thru experience. They offer greater flexibility and control over all your sales channels, so your customers can engage with – and buy from – your brand the way they want to, whether it’s in-person, via the app or drive-thru. Here’s how it works…


Order placed via till, kiosk or app


Order number appears on Total Order board


Order goes to Kitchen Display System


Chefs cook meal to order


Order number marked ‘Being Prepared’ on Order Ready Board


Once ready, kitchen turns order green on Total Order Board


Order appears on Order Ready Board


Customer collects food

For all your self-service needs

With faster ordering and reduced queue times, customers can quickly and easily place their orders, freeing up your staff to attend to other duties and upselling opportunities.

Here’s how our self-service solutions can help you transform your customer experience…

Our kiosks can be standalone or integrated with existing systems. They can be deployed in any setting, from quick-service and table dining to fast food and takeaways, helping you create the perfect mix for your restaurant concept and location.

Encourage your customers to explore more of your menu, increasing sales of additional items and upgrades. Tailor your messaging to promote ‘go large’ options, meal deals and other special offers.

Orders are sent directly to your kitchen display system, creating faster service and reducing wait times. Order progress can be displayed in-store or in-app, so your customers know when their food will be ready.

Enhance your ordering experience with enticing visuals and endless custom branding options. Personalised menu items, complementary add-ons and exclusive offers help drive loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Our self-service solutions facilitate click-and-collect options, freeing up floor space and reducing customer wait times. Customers can take their time to build and check their orders, reducing errors and conflicts at the till.

The Winpos 3-in-1 Direct Order App

Put your customers in control

Elevate your customer experience and build brand loyalty with a branded app that makes ordering easy. 

Our self-ordering app solution provides a beautiful and easy-to-use native iOS and Android app, allowing your customers to place mobile, table or click and collect orders directly from their smartphones. We’re the only provider on the market who offers all three options in one app. 

By having your business in their pockets, your customers can quickly and conveniently place orders, resulting in more revenue, greater loyalty and repeat business. Our self-service app is optimised for performance and makes the ordering experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

It also offers better ways to connect with customers and build loyalty through push notifications and SMS campaigns.

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Why Winpos?

Winpos gives you all the tools you need to run your hospitality business more efficiently.

With powerful software and technology, market-leading integrations and in-house technical expertise, we’ll build a solution around your needs that connects your operations and allows you to provide outstanding customer experiences.

Our quick and stress-free switching service will help you upgrade from your existing system to one of our solutions. And our dedicated support team is always available to help with any questions or issues you have. 

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