Things such as point of sale machines (POS machines) are critical to providing a purchasing process that’s efficient and fast.

Running a business that sells products or services requires several moving pieces. 

Needless to say, you’ll want to make sure the POS machines you’re using are equal to the task of your daily business.

However, while many businesses realize the importance of them, they make many mistakes before finding the right one that fits their needs.

Here are several mistakes that you should avoid making while purchasing your point of sale machine. Knowing these can help save you from any setbacks as you integrate the machines into your system.

1. Purchasing the Wrong One

In an effort to save your company from a setback, you may rush to find a new machine or POS system.

What you don’t realize is that you’re putting a huge risk on buying the wrong system for your business’s needs. The industry your in will dictate what fit is right for you.

risk of pos sales machines

For instance, if you’re a restaurant, then you’ll want a point of sale machine that provides speed and whose service has excellent customer support.

However, if you run a retail company, you may want a retail POS system that focuses on building customer loyalty and drives more sales. Things like becoming a “(your store here) member” will be a priority for point of sale machines in retail.

Take your time in identifying whether your business falls under the hospitality, travel, stadium, or retail umbrella to find the right POS system for you.

2. Not Performing Proper Research

As with any other aspect of your business, you need to take the time for necessary research on the POS system you need.

There are several ways to do research on the systems you’re interested in to see if they’re the right fit.

First off, make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of options. Look up the most trustworthy POS systems and compile a list.

Secondly, read through the customer reviews online. Are certain customers in your industry? If so, what is their feedback to how the system fits your industry specifically?

If you’re not entirely familiar on the role a point of sale system plays in your business, that’s okay! Do your best to educate yourself through research.

3. Self-Installation

It’s completely understandable that you’d want to be hands-on with every aspect of your business… it’s what has gotten you this far.

However, installing your new point of sale system is one aspect of your company you’ll want to leave to the professionals.

Not installing one thing correctly can lead to the entire system being compromised.

This can lead to your customers experiencing long purchase windows, glitches or the POS terminal not working at all. Swallow your pride and let a trusted POS solutions team handle the integration of the new system.

install pos sales machine

4. Focusing Too Much on the Machine Itself

As you’re going through your POS system options, you may get too caught up in the physical features of the machine you’re interested in.

It sounds silly, but some business owners think too much of how good a machine’s sleek design will look in their store. How innovative an iPad purchasing system will make their brand look… you get the idea.

All those physical features have their place, but what about the system as a whole?

Does the machine come with an experienced customer service team? Does it answer the needs your business has? These are just a few questions to get your thought process back on track.

5. Lack of a Plan B

Sometimes technology fails… it’s a harsh reality of the world we live in today. Even though your customer service team will rush to fix the issue, if the system fails mid-business day, you have a dilemma.

You should always have a Plan B for how to accept payment if the system were to crash. 

When shopping around for a new point of sale machine, ask the seller if it has an offline mode. They can fill you in on your options from there.

6. Insufficient Security

Perhaps you’ve never considered the level of responsibility your business has to its customers’ personal information.

They’re not only paying you for your products/services, but they’re also trusting that your POS system will protect their information.

There are a number of ways hackers can steal credit card numbers, and they can all be used on your point of sale system.

The good news is that as long as you’re working with a POS company with high-security features, you have nothing to worry about. They’ll do the heavy-lifting in this area so that you don’t have to.

7. Getting a System That Doesn’t Accept EMV Chips

Did you know that the UK is one of the world’s leading markets for chip-and-PIN technology?

Not only that, but the EMV method of transaction offers much more security for your customers. 

Because of that, you want to make sure the POS system you purchase offers this feature.

Many EMV-accepting machines also accept Magstripe payments as well. Offering both gives more adversity for your system to adjust to the payment method your customers feel most comfortable with.

8. Not Using Your New POS System to Its Maximum Potential

These days, a point of sale system is so much more than just a POS machine. It offers you insight into your sales trends and the success you’re having.

Features such as tracking inventory, eCommerce options, sales reports, and managing employee headcount can help you become more knowledgeable on your business than ever before.

Be sure to find a system that offers the most insight for your company. You’ll be glad you did.

Find the Right Point of Sales Machines for Your Business

Now that you’ve seen the mistakes to avoid when buying point of sale machines, it’s time to find the best fits for your needs.

Be sure to read this article on how POS insights can boost your business for more information on the details a POS data system can offer you.

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