Setting Up For Success With Self-Service Kiosks

The restaurant industry is undergoing a significant shift at the moment. The number of people eating out has increased in volume. Therefore, restaurants need to rethink their strategies for success to leverage this growth in customers. One way restaurants adapt is through self-service kiosks that allow customers to order and pay without waiting in line or interacting with another human being. This can be especially useful during peak hours when lines are long and wait times are high.

So, what are these self-service kiosks that people are talking about?

Let’s find out.

What is Self-Service Kiosk Technology?

Man using a self-service kiosk

Essentially, they’re touch screens where customers can place their orders. The screen takes the customer through each step of the ordering process with simple-to-understand prompts. Once an order is placed, it’s sent directly to the kitchen, so there’s no waiting for a server to show up.

These Self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly popular among restaurant-goers. Research shows that 25% of restaurant customers have used a self-ordering kiosk at a restaurant within the past three months, 7% higher than last year.

What’s more, over 65% of consumers said they would visit restaurants more often if self-service kiosks were offered.

If you’re looking to attract more people, it could be a good idea for your business to offer them as well!

How To Set Up for Success With Self-Service Kiosks

Setting up a self-service kiosk system in your restaurant is the first step to success. However, you must set yourself for success from the beginning by taking these steps.

Know Your Goals

What are you looking to accomplish with this technology? Are you hoping for an increase in sales, or do you want customers to place their orders more quickly?

Fast-food restaurants are using self-service kiosks to boost order volume, improve upsell, and decrease labour costs. Make sure you have a strong strategy in place before moving forward.

Plan the Layout

You want to ensure that your customers have a smooth experience when using one of these kiosks, so they need to be in a convenient location. This will help decrease the queues in the attendance and provide more convenience to the customer and encourage people to use them.

Waiter at a restaurant

A good rule of thumb is to station self-service kiosks near the main entrance and consider placing them near cash registers as well.

Train Your Staff

Don’t forget that the responsibility of these kiosks falls on your shoulders as well! Train your staff to show customers how to use them and answer any questions, especially during busy hours when there are long lines.

Today’s customers demand personalized experience at every level of their interaction, and it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to provide it. A self-service option allows consumers to save time and frees up staff, so they can focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

Promote them

You don’t want people to come in and not know about these kiosks, so be sure to promote them as much as possible. Consider putting a flyer on tables or hanging up posters near the entrance that advertise your self-service options! You can even offer discounts for those who use it at different times of the day.

The Secret Weapon for Successful Restaurants?

Kiosks are becoming a popular fixture in many restaurants. They can be used for everything from ordering food to checking your account balance at the self-service bank machines.

But why exactly do people enjoy using them so much? Two words: convenience and speed. With just one touch of the screen, users have access to all manner of services. And the best part is, they don’t have to wait in line or talk with a cashier.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the recently opened McDonald’s To Go store on Liverpool Street Station is currently the busiest in Europe. With over 500 transactions per hour, the new self-service kiosks are certainly proving their worth.

This is just one example of how self-service kiosks are becoming the secret weapon for successful restaurants. Self-service kiosks can revolutionize quick-service restaurants and help enhance customer satisfaction while boosting sales, which will lead to the restaurant’s success.

Because of this, people have gotten so used to using kiosks that it has become the most common way for them to complete almost any financial or business-related activity. It is only natural for restaurants to follow suit and install self-service ordering kiosks.

Woman at quick service restaurant

The Benefits of Using Self-Service Kiosks in Your Restaurant

Self-Service Kiosks provide customers with excellent service, save you money on labour costs, and keep your restaurant running smoothly. Here are quick self-service Kiosk Benefits:

  • Keeps Labour Costs Low – Using a self-service kiosk can reduce labour costs because the machine does not require staff members’ input. Typically, one device can do the job of several staff.
  • Saves Time: A self-serve kiosk enables consumers to browse other items on your menu and make decisions at their leisure before being served
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction – One of the most significant benefits of using a self-service kiosk is increased customer satisfaction, which leads to more repeat customers and better customer reviews online.
  • Increases Accuracy – As well as making the ordering process more efficient, self-service kiosks also improve accuracy. Eliminating human errors from the ordering process, will leave your restaurant with ordering system with high accuray.
  • Allows Customers to Shop Other Locations – Self-service kiosks will enable you to promote other locations while increasing customer satisfaction.

To stay competitive, restaurants need to rethink their strategies for success and consider how they can be more accessible. One way is by incorporating self-service kiosks into your dining experience! With these nifty devices, you’ll be able to provide convenience while saving on labour costs—win-win!

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