While workplace crime costs large businesses billions each year, even small mistakes can lead to huge losses for smaller businesses. Mistakes, errors, and mismanagement of inventory can hurt a new company. With a POS register system, profits can be tracked as they’re spent and accrued, whether you’re talking about payroll, inventory, or sales.

Here’s how a register system upgrade can cause a major leap in your business’s profits.

Increase Your Efficiency

Running a standard cash register isn’t anywhere near as efficient as a POS register. POS registers can multitask and keep multiple orders going at the same time. They create an inherent workflow that keeps your staff on the same page.

Employees need to improve checkout times no matter what industry you’re in. POS register systems have been groundbreaking in the world of food and beverage. Instead of adding up individual items and add-ons in their head or keeping track of paper, the system handles it all.

Your staff knows what you’ve got available, what’s been sold, and who’s buying it at all times during the day. It allows for all of this information to be kept track of without taking away from the work at hand.

The right POS register system makes Training a Breeze

Training on older registers required a lot of question-asking and memorization. You used to have to train your staff to remember certain codes that would signify certain products or services. Then the bookkeeper would have to go through and look for these codes to keep track of inventory.

Think of all the room for human error. If no one on staff could be bothered to help out an employee who forgot a code, things would easily get miscategorized.

With everything being on a touchscreen, processing orders is a breeze. POS systems focus on creating intuitive interfaces that are easy to learn. This shortens training time and increases overall productivity. 

Take More Payments

The number of ways that people are paying for products and services is ever-expanding. Whether we’re talking about standard swipes of credit cards, chip cards, or contactless payments, a traditional system could never handle all of this. With mobile wallets expanding to users’ phones, there are now a bunch of proprietary systems in place.

Thankfully, POS systems need just simple upgrades to take on all of these payments. As cash is no longer king of payments and checks are totally out of favour, POS systems get their chance to shine. 

POS register systems have the kind of broad flexibility that allows for payments of all types. They will continue to expand as needs expand.

Laser-Focused Accuracy with POS register system

One of the major benefits of using a modern POS is that your whole business becomes streamlined as you also eliminate mistakes. Human error is taken out of the equation when you have more accurate counts on key information.

The touch screen eliminates misspellings, miscalculation, misordering, and any other mistakes that could occur in a sale. Customers will have a detailed breakdown of their purchases and you’ll have a breakdown of their spending. Overall, your entire operation will gain solid real-time data while keeping things moving along.

Your team doesn’t need to be saddled with the extra tasks of counting throughout their day. They shouldn’t have to provide customer service while also keeping track of what’s in stock. With a POS system, they don’t have to. 

Tracking the quantity on hand and knowing when to reorder shouldn’t be what happens in the front of house or on the sales floor. Those elements are suited for the back of house of the main office. Thankfully, with these tools, you get to have all of that information on hand without disrupting the delicate flow of sales and profit-generation.

Manage Employees and Reports Better

Another underrated advantage of these digital POS systems is their ability to keep track of scheduling and employees. With built-in tools for clocking in, logging in, and viewing schedules from a POS terminal, there’s no need to run and track down your staff.

You see all of the information in real-time on your POS terminal. 

There are access control advantages as well. You can set access for higher-ranked employees to do things that your newest staff can’t. You can set managerial control on these systems without the need for keys that can be misplaced or lost. 

pos register security

If you need to get rid of a staff member, you don’t need to collect keys and change locks. You just need to delete their profile in the system.

The reporting features keep people accountable as well. It’s important for employees to feel trusted and employers to know they can trust their staff. With all of your expenses, sales, profits, and scheduling information in one place you can get a bird’s eye view whenever you need it.

The information is easy to read and laid out intuitively. With remote login access, you can get this information when you’re out of town or at a trade show. No matter where you go, data can be accessed to make split-second decisions about vital business issues.

Keeping track of your KPIs has never been easier. 

A POS register system can solve business issues

There are a lot of business issues that a POS register system can help to address. Not least of all is the ability to watch cash flow and moves in and out of the doors of your business. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a way that a POS can help you earn more money and hold on to it.

To choose the perfect system, follow our latest guide.