The Winpos Ecosystem

We live in a future in which there are countless features that can transform or enhance an organisation’s efficiency. The customer experience evolves with rapidly changing technology, as consumers learn to expect automation and easy to use applications. Winpos has an entire point of sale ecosystem that has been carefully curated to provide the highest level of service to its clients. When a Winpos POS system is applied in the hospitality industry, users will benefit significantly from these features, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Winpos adapts to the specific needs of each business in which it is implemented. Regardless of the number of business locations, the system can grow to scale with each unique company. Integration is seamless, as Winpos was designed to work in harmony with many industry-leading businesses.

Winpos Point Of Sale System

Front of House Terminal

This incredible front of house terminal can be the first point of access for the customers, and a key part of the Winpos ecosystem. Installing this will allow your employees to effortlessly place customer orders into the central Point Of Sale system. Having the main terminal installed is pivotal in any restaurant or bars success.

Lightning Receipt Printer

Exactly as it sounds, the Lightning Receipt Printer is a machine that prints restaurant receipts exceptionally quickly. Without waiting for previously used printing terminals to eventually produce necessary receipts, this is another way, which the Winpos ecosystem can save valuable time. Printed receipts are easy for customers to read and avoids unreliable pen scribbles and handwritten order notes.

Waiter App

The Waiter App provides yet another solution to increase productivity, allowing waiters to handle tables, take orders, split checks, and more. All of this can be completed from a mobile device, ensuring that restaurants run smoothly and nobody on the staff falls behind. Instead of using multiple systems, or writing orders by hand, Winpos made the entire process simple for the serving staff with this wonderful application.

Winpos Consumer App

Consumer App

Customers can now easily preorder with the Winpos consumer app. This application makes the entire ordering process easier and more efficient by giving the customer the ability to order before entering the establishment. Customers can utilise the app to order in advance. No additional staff training is required, as orders placed through the Preorder app will feed directly to the POS system, the same way as in-house orders.

Winpos Cloud

Winpos Cloud provides secure and instant access to business data without the need for a physical office server. This virtual server is a contemporary alternative to the fixed servers of the past. Independence from fixed servers results in information retention without the risk of data loss or backend issues. This technology can benefit businesses greatly. With our implementation process, it has never been easier to put it into practice.

Self Service Kiosk

Using a bit of modern technology is an excellent path to an improved customer experience. Winpos self service kiosks can be easily integrated with other POS units, providing a streamlined system that works throughout the restaurant. The kiosks can be utilised in a variety of scenarios, from fast food to casual dining. Many restaurants are currently implementing kiosks, as it is the perfect solution to saving both time and customer complaints. A POS system can significantly improve accuracy by removing the risk of human error during the customer ordering process.

Order Ready Board

An outstanding method of tracking food, the customer always stays in the loop with the Order Ready Board. This board can be seen in many fast food restaurants and shows the guest precisely where their food is in the preparation journey. After paying for their order, customers are given a unique number that corresponds with their meal. The Order Ready Board will then display that number, allowing customers to track their food right until it’s in their possession.

Woman Using A Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

Efficiently relay information and keep the kitchen staff on the same page with the Winpos Kitchen Display System. This digital menu board displays important messages and real-time order information, ensuring proper communication between the front of house staff and the kitchen. The Kitchen Display System sends orders to the corresponding food preparation stations and notifies front of house staff when the meal has been prepared. This system is interactive and customisable, working in synchronicity with the personalised flow of each individual kitchen.

Ultimately, the rewards that come with updated and streamlined processes are vast, leading to increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and a keen understanding of a company’s flow. Both for backend and front of house, Winpos has created an ecosystem that manages intelligently, growing with its partners and clients along the way.

If you want to find out any more information about these products in the Winpos ecosystem, don’t hesitate in sending any queries here!