When Is a Good Time to Review and Change Your POS Computer System?

Are you wondering if your POS computer system is as up to date as it should be? Considering this system is so important to the functioning of your business, it’s best to make sure you have a POS system you can trust. 

Are you wondering if it’s time to upgrade to a newer POS system? Keep reading for key indicators that it’s time for an upgrade. The newest POS technologies can offer so many benefits to your business that can be a great return on investment by saving you time and energy. 

Payment Options 

When it comes to payment options, the more you can allow your customers, the better. This allows a variety of ways for people to make purchases with you, making it more convenient for your customers. If you’ve noticed that customers have become frustrated by your lack of payment options due to your POS technology, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Older point of sales computer systems are likely behind the times. A newer system will have the latest technology so that you can accept the latest payment options. More than ever, customers are using their smartphones to pay, a practice that is likely to become even more common. 

Make sure that you can accept digital wallet payments, such as Apple and Google Pay. This is a convenient option for customers who can pay with a simple touch and go of their device. Make sure your customers can make purchases with you in tons of different ways to offer better customer service

Inventory Management 

One of the biggest perks that come with an updated POS system is that it has more advanced inventory management processes. If your POS system lacks an inventory method, is difficult to use, or doesn’t automatically sync, an update could save you tons of time and frustration. 

This is especially important if you have both a brick and mortar and an online store, with products spread across both sales channels. Accurate inventory management can help you keep up with out of stock products. Your customers don’t want to hear that something they purchase from you is no longer available because your inventory numbers were off. 

Additionally, an accurate inventory management system can let you know when it’s time for product reorders and replacements. It can keep you up to date on what’s selling so that you can track products that are working for your company, and ones that are not. 

Not only is manually updating your inventory tedious, but it’s also prone to human error. Make sure you have an inventory management system that can track your products across multiple platforms. Having a full picture of all of your products across different locations can allow you to move inventory from one area to another with total ease. 

Staff Management 

An updated POS system can be a great way to lessen your staff management responsibilities. As a business owner, it’s important to feel that your company is in good hands. A POS system can help you feel more at ease by tracking your staff’s POS operations. 

With an updated POS system, you can create different logins for each member of your staff. This can be a great way to keep your employees accountable for their actions. You can track each employee’s sales to keep an eye on any issues that may arise. 

Not only can you track all orders, but you can also track cash register activity. This can keep your cash register safe from issues like theft while allowing you to trust your staff.

Also, if certain employees are excelling with their sales, you can reward them for their hard work. If others are struggling to meet their monthly quota, you can address the issue and offer more training. 

An updated POS system can also help you with accurate scheduling. Based on the number of sales at certain times and on certain days, you can create a schedule with more precision.

pos computer system

You can be sure to schedule more employees on busier days, and less on slower ones. This will help you save money on payroll when extra hands aren’t necessary, and can also keep your store prepared for times with higher incoming traffic.

This can also make payroll easier, as your staff can punch in and out on your system like a timeclock. This will allow you to easier calculate the hours each employee worked, all from your POS system. 

Giftcards Across Locations 

If you currently use a gift card option that you have to track manually, this makes it difficult for customers to use on your online platform. With an updated POS system, you can give customers physical or online gift cards. These gift cards will use a barcode and/or number code. 

This will allow your customer to use your gift card both in-store and online. They can print off an e-gift card or pull it up on their smartphone to use in-store. Additionally, they can use this gift card online by entering the card’s numerical code. 

This allows for more flexibility. People can send others giftcards manually or over the internet, allowing them to use it all over the world. 

Is It Time to Update Your POS Computer System?

If your struggling with an outdated POS computer system, considering an update could save you tons of time and energy while limiting backend issues. If your company could benefit from any of the above solutions, look into getting an updated POS system for an investment that will pay off. 

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