Boost Customer Experience With Consumer Apps

A restaurant needs three main things to thrive. It has to have exceptional meals, it must be located in a prime location, and have faster and more efficient service. Yes, customers now more than ever are looking for easier experiences when interacting with their favourite restaurants.

Assuming you’ve nailed the first two, the third requirement is the easiest to achieve. A POS system customised for your operation is all your restaurant needs to become the fastest serving restaurant in your location.

The system gives your customers complete control and enhances their experience while enabling Hospitality owners to track sales and transactions. This post will discuss why consumers crave better experiences, the DIRECTorder consumer app, its features, and how it can help your restaurant.

Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Consumers Craving Better Experiences?

DIRECTorder Consumer App

The need to give diners rewarding experiences has become increasingly important in the hospitality industry. And that is mainly because consumers’ spending habits have been changing for years. Today, it’s less about material goods and more about entertainment-rich activities as well as efficient and memorable experiences.

Unfortunately, giving customers the dine-in experience they crave isn’t a walk in the park. This is especially true if you haven’t embraced technology in your restaurant. Restaurants that have invested in the right technology find it relatively easier to offer a personalised experience to their customers.

For instance, restaurants that use such technology as the DIRECTorder consumer app provide better experiences to their customers!

What Is The DIRECTorder Consumer App

Consumer apps are the future of the hospitality industry. They help capture consumers’ attention by offering them the leisure of browsing and ordering various meals without having to move a muscle.

If you’re sitting on the fence about a consumer app, here are numbers to motivate you:

  • There are currently 5.32 billion unique mobile users worldwide
  • When individuals use mobile devices, they’re on apps 91% of the time.
  • 66% of mobile users between the ages of 16 and 64 use retail/shopping mobile apps

Thus, using mobile consumer apps for your restaurant should be a no-brainer. It’s a great tool to improve customers’ experience while allowing for ease of tracking.

Specifically, the DIRECTorder consumer app allows customers to order their food and drinks directly from their mobile devices. It’s a revolutionary new way of improving the diner’s experience.

How Does DIRECTorder Help You?

Waiter In A Restaurant

Here are a few ways the DIRECTorder consumer apps help your restaurant:

  1. The app allows for more flexibility. Your customers can order in advance and have a more convenient way to get their meals.
  2. The app makes it possible for restaurant owners to offer special deals to their customers, thus, increasing loyalty. Email campaigns, push notifications, in-app banners, and voucher codes are ways you can use the DIRECTtorder consumer app to increase sales and brand loyalty.
  3. You can use the app to provide directions to your prospective customers, making it easier for them to find you.
  4. The consumer app seamlessly handles delivery and takeaway orders
  5. The DIRECTorder consumer app also speeds up service, minimising queue times and staffing costs in your restaurant by making it possible to send the order directly to the kitchen.
  6. The DIRECTorder consumer app will reduce mistakes because customers make orders themselves instead of relying on the wait staff.
  7. You can use the app to upsell and cross-sell
  8. The app can allow you to handle more orders at a time.
  9. It’ll increase efficiency through seamless integrations
  10. Order management system allowing you to view past and present orders from the consumers

How Does It Help Boost Customer Experience?

Mobile consumer apps play a crucial role in improving customer experience. They provide your customers with a one-stop experience where they can make in-app purchases, offer access to special deals, and provide specialised customer support.

You can also use the application to collect vital marketing data from your customers based on their purchase history, demographics, or location. Then you can use the collected information to improve your customer’s experience.

For instance, the DIRECTorder consumer app benefits the customers in various ways. It makes the process of ordering and delivery of meals easy for customers, increasing their satisfaction.

What Are The Features You Gain With The DIRECTorder App?

Woman Browsing A Menu

DIRECTorder app has some of the most customer-friendly features, ranging from information pages to order management capabilities.

Here are the DIRECTorder consumer app’s features you and your customers will love:

  • The app allows customers to browse through your menu
  • You can add promotions to the app to help you drive loyalty
  • You can set opening times and locations on the app so that customers can find you with ease
  • You can add your contact information and FAQ to the app for your customers to find
  • The app allows customers to order meals from anywhere
  • You can view current and past customers’ order history
  • The consumer app allows for push notification

These features allow you to manage orders easily, deploy special offers and discounts, update pricing in real-time, add and update information, etc. On the other hand, the features make it easier for customers to place orders, have a meal delivered to them, and pay, improving their experience.

What Next?

As the number of mobile users and online shoppers continues to rise, it’s only wise to embrace a technology that helps you capture the attention of potential buyers. One such technology is the DIRECTorder, a POS system that conveniently allows customers to place orders.

If You want to check out more information about the Winpos DIRECTorder consumer app, follow this link. Alternatively, if you want to get in contact, have a chat with us here